We Three Queens is a band from Charlotte, NC, focusing on women in music across rock, pop, R&B, and country genres featuring Jess Borgnis, Shea Payne, and Shaniya Simmons.


Jess brings over 20 years of performing and touring experience to the band. Her passion for more female representation on stage is what sparked her desire to start a new project by women and for women.


In addition to performing across the southeastern US, Shea has been a finalist on the hit TV shows, The Voice and The X Factor.


Shaniya is an up-and-coming artist, soon to be graduating with a degree in musical theater. Her powerhouse vocals and stage presence far exceed her years!


Supporting these fabulous women is the amazing W3Q Band – comprised of industry professionals with over 60 years of combined touring, recording, and performing experience. We are excited to bring the best music by the best female artists in the history of music to your town!